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Calmster - Peace of Mind

Développeur Jonathan Sautter

BALANCE YOUR EMOTIONAL STATEWe believe that every person on this planet deserves to be happy. That is exactly why Calmster was created. Multiple scientific studies show that meditation and mindfulness are utterly helpful in curing emotional disorders like depression, panic attacks, stress, PTSD and many others. Calmster was designed to introduce meditation and mindfulness practices into your life by periodically interjecting simple meditation assignments and mindfulness reminders into your everyday activities. These prompts will remind you to stay in the present moment leaving no chance for unwanted mental patterns to take over. Here are some of the benefits of mindful living:
• Less stress, depression, pain and anxiety• Calmness, relaxation and balance• Better handling of feelings and emotions• Improved intuition, clarity and understanding• Control of thoughts and reactions• Better decision making, attention, memory and learning
Most of the emotional disorders happen due to lack of conscious control. That is how different unconscious patterns, which are mostly conflicting to each other, take over and start affecting our mood and behavior. The solution to this is simple – training the consciousness muscle to stay always present and notice how these patterns work and when they are triggered. Meditation and mindfulness practices in essence are designed to do just that - train and develop consciousness. In Calmster we have created series of meditation assignments and mindfulness reminders which will be coming to your phone throughout the day with a frequency that you configure in the app settings. These assignments and reminders will help you stay alert in the here and now leaving no chance for unwanted unconscious patterns to take over your moods and behavior.
The more you practice meditation and mindfulness, in any possible way, the better and steadier will be your emotional wellbeing. Calmster is designed to help you in this practice without making you dependent on the app. Rather teaching you the skills and techniques so that you can implement them in your life on your own. Start leaving a better life now. Install Calmster on your phone.